Why I live in Singapore 2020

I feel like I need to revisit Why I live in Singapore in 2020.

COVID-19 has highlighted that:

Planning to stay

Despite my complaints, we have resolved to stay. Why?

#1 Reason is that we rely on our live-in helper to take care of our kids. Obviously when our young children are both in full time education in ~5 years, things could change.

If we moved back to Europe, my wife feels she would not be able to cope with work, cooking, the home and kids. Tbh I prefer to work on my computer or my cameras than doing household chores too...

As a child, I was looked after by a wonderful Zulu woman helper in Natal, and my Malaysian wife had a similar upbringing, with an Indonesian helper.


We are actually pretty lucky that we still have jobs. I am also confident Singapore will bounce back quicker, opportunity is still here.


Tbh moving to Europe, or even for me to go live in Malaysia would be problematic with visas and residence permits. I don't have a strong appetite to wade through the government bureaucracy. And tbh, losing Singapore residency would suck. We are super comfortable living in Singapore, it's our home, our base.

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