Why I live in Singapore


There are many other reasons like political stability, English language, infrastructure, quality medical care, affordable help, food, multicultural et al, but I thought I'd compare with just those arguably more basic needs above.


I've heard that it's not that immigration friendly anymore. And the cost of living is even higher than Singapore. People complain about Singapore weather, but I actually quite like it. I do agree it's a total pain midday to do anything, though I usually work midday on something in the air conditioning and do some activity either in the early morning, or afternoon.

Cold grey Winters suck.


It doesn't feel that safe at night, though the police are rather good.

South Africa

You can drink South African tap water, but it can be severely limited. Taxes might be considered low, but if you're an earner and you don't even live in South Africa, they are looking to steal money from you.

European Union

Fast internet only in cities, in some places. Politically it feels surprisingly unstable. It's not very easy to invest in Europe thanks to its bureaucracy and protectionism. In many places, they don't seem that keen on immigration, but to its credit free movement of people within the EU is great. Most people outside cities are pretty closed minded.


Singapore has its problems, don't get me wrong. Dengue fever. Freedom of speech is touted, though I think of free speech as money and with high taxation and bureaucratic limits elsewhere, I honestly wonder if my European cousins are really "free".

Singapore also has a high suicide rate amongst the elderly who struggle to fit into its fast paced culture. Nonetheless I don't plan to retire in Singapore.

Singapore feels definitely seems the right place for me and my family, right now. Though I do miss the outdoors and friends & family that Europe has to offer.

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