Never buying Canon again

Powershot S100 in for repair again

Since getting my Canon S100 repaired late in 2011 in Malaysia, it failed again on another holiday earlier in 2012.

The annoyance of this Canon digital camera purchase is beyond words. The lens could not be retracted, so it could not fit in its nice case. I travel a lot. I chose to try to forget that I had wasted almost 300GBP on it.

7 months later, Canon have acknowledged the endemic Powershot S100 lens error issue and have offered free repairs.

Yesterday I submitted the camera in for repair again in Singapore and they accepted it under condition that the body was scratched. Which adds insult to injury, the camera could not be put in it's case because the lens could not retract!

Once getting this back, I want to sell it immediately. What a disaster. I must have taken 5 photos with it. I find the Iphone5 camera is fine for my needs anyway.

Due to Canon's incredibly poor customer service, I urge you to never buy Canon products.

Do not reply to this sms.


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