Cancelling a Three mobile contract FAIL

So I’ve carefully marked the 2008–10-10 in my calendar to cancel my 18 month mobile contract. This according to HTG Three was the only time I could cancel my 18 month contract. However I nervously called on the 2008–10-06 to indeed make sure that it was the 10th I had to call.

After spending some time on the phone, the Scottish operator said I could cancel upto 37 days. Excitedly I decided to cancel then and there and get the PAC code. However I was warned that the PAC code will only last 30 days. Whatever, I want to cut and run. I honestly felt traumatized after that call.

So today the 2008–10-10 I decided to call and ensure I really had cancelled. I had not received any confirmation by email or post I had indeed cancelled. This time the Indian operator said alarmingly that since I’ve ordered a PAC code my account will only close once I’ve transferred the number to another operator.

Eh? What happens if I decide not to keep the number and not port it I ask? Three operator says my contract will renew and remain active. W.T.F. I want to cancel! I want confirmation and I want to know exactly when the last penny leaves my account. Sorry the operator replies, you’ve requested a PAC code and our system will only send notification after the transferral. Incidentally the operator says I should have called 2008–10-11 as today is 31 days, contrary to what the Scottish operator allowed me to do.

So since transfers can take upto 5 working days, and my initial PAC code from 2008–10-06 lasts only 30 days, that means I probably need to stop using HTG Three by the end of October. But I have paid Three for service until the 2008–11-10, therefore I am loosing out on at least 10 days of service!

Now I need a new operator/provider/carrier SIM to switch to. Since T-mobile has not got back to me after registering for a G-phone, I’ll have to shoot for Vodafone I think.

On the Vodafone store the SIM only 20GBP a month with 30 day cancellation contract looked best. Though after filling in their form with TMI like my occupation and dates where I have been resident it did not give me the option to:

That’s no good. So now I’ve ordered their free PAYG SIM, which Vodafone painfully call the “Vodafone Free Pay As You Talk Sim”. Argh, this is all too painful.

PAC != Cancelling. I’ve noticed that Orange also do not terminate your contract if you decide not to use your PAC. FS.


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