Go faster Mozilla

Fennec VERSUS FF3b5

I’ve been using Firefox 3 (beta5) pre-release lately, because it’s faster than Firefox 2.

Generally I don’t like their “session management” (browser.sessionstore.resume_from_crash false). It would be good if I could simply ‘lock’ certain tabs like Gmail, which really must be my first tab. I also want it locked so I can’t accidentally navigate away from it which I have done far too many times now.

I am most impressed by the improved “feel” or responsiveness of FF3. I really hope Mozilla can concentrate on re-factoring their code to squeeze it into their ‘fennec’ mobile browser. Update: Blassey kindley informs me Fennec and FF3 are the same rendering engine.

Mozilla’s mobile codename ‘Fennec’ is outperforming microb significantly already. That’s great though after reading a first look I am little bit disappointed to see talk of XUL. I’ve created extensions and I think XUL is crap. I much prefer working within the Web paradigms of JavaScript and CSS. Addon support is fantastic though then again, my experience of extensions/addons/whatever-they-are-now-called is that they can make Firefox slow. Which is bad bad bad.

Actually, when I think about it, an addon could be called a widget.

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