Fair play

So “Fair Play” FIFA award best player to Zinedine Zidane. Yes, FIFA is still on my shitlist.

So it is time for some post tournament analysis.

Firstly thanks for everyone who sent emails and left comments regarding my efforts to rebroadcast Radio 5 during the World cup. Please try put pressure on FIFA or BBC, by writing a letter of complaint.

I’ve enjoyed the world cup, despite having no TV and the 4am kick offs in Korea. By and large I relied on watching the games at my neighbour Alan‘s place.

Of course I was disappointed with the England performance and I’ve learnt for the umpteenth time that supporting Germany is much more satisfying. I’ve really enjoyed watching Germany, I think they should have won it. ;)

The next World cup will be in South Africa which is quite exciting. I hope the next tournament exposes South African politics & issues. Though sport like some drug makes people forget the real issues at hand. It also makes people go out and buy TVs. Scary.

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