Samsung Portable SSD T7 leak

Samsung Portable SSD T7

Bought the Samsung Model MU-PC1T0T/AM for 234.43SGD from Amazon.SG 22 August 2020, it began to leak a white substance months later, that feels like wax.

Samsung agree it's defective, but say in Singapore they are not entitled to support the device because it does not with an International Warranty.

Based the image yes your SSD has been defective. However we do regret unable to support warranty claimed for your SSD due to your SSD does not support with Local Singapore Warranty.For the Samsung SSD product does not comes with International Warranty.

I wish I paid better attention to the Amazon reviews of the Samsung SSD as Adrian points out:

I was quite disappointed when SAMSUNG SINGAPORE wrote back to me that they would not provide Warranty Coverage for the product purchased on AMAZON SG.

Now I distrust Samsung.

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