Gravitraps to measure mosquitoes

Mosquito Gravitrap

TIL that Gravitraps around my Singaporean neighbourhood are inspected once every two weeks.

Mosquito collection

The mosquitoes go inside the Gravitrap to lay their eggs, but get trapped by a sticky film, that gets replaced every two weeks.

The trapped and dead mosquitoes are then moved from the film to a vial, with a cut yellow plastic straw.

This sample will then be tested in a laboratory to check what type of mosquitoes they are, to determine their threat.

If the threat is high, increased fogging and inspections will be conducted by the NEA.

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Many people do not really know what these traps are, and how they help conduct the needed diligent science needed to control the mosquito pest. Often traps are vandalised or just thrown away.

I hope you now know better!

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