Where we source our groceries in Singapore

It has been five years since Singapore home cooking, time for an update!


I've tried other coffee roasters, though PPP coffee (formerly Papapalheta) wins hands down for the light fruity Filter style I love. 250g of Beans that I grind at home is typically about 18SGD.


Since wine has a fixed tax of about 8SGD, it might be a better idea to spend a little more on wine. Nonetheless the best bang for buck for me and my tastes is South African wine from the African Marketplace.

For example, hits the spot!

Fresh Bread

Werner's Oven abruptly went out of business before COVID-19!

Now Mr. Kneady's at The Bedok Marketplace is our substitute. Reaching 469560 is a little awkward for us, however they bake a load and deliver to the https://www.cheeseshop.sg/ on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays around noon. I collect my loaf up then!


Our helper buys local Fish from Geylang Serai market. I prefer the Alaska guys products from cold waters. I love the taste of scallops, crab, wild salmon, salmon eggs. Great products, that do however take some effort to prepare properly. You don't want to screw up premium seafood!!


Foodie Market Place on 313 Tanjong Katong Road. Their cheapest grass fed beef is actually incredible value for money in my opinion. I treat myself to the more aged "Ebony" cuts. Recently they have been sourcing chilled beef from Argentina, which surprisingly competes very well with Australia.

Fruit & Vegetables

Our helper sources our veggies from NTUC Fair Price.


Dececco from Foodie Market Place, so nothing has changed there.


Cheese and Sourdough bread

I'm a regular at https://www.cheeseshop.sg/. Their Momolato ice creams are also a regular favourite in our household. Best value for money Cheese is the black Vintage Reserve cheddar, pre-packed at 6.5SGD!

Dry goods

Since COVID-19, Redmarts reservation process has frustrated us no end. Same goes for Amazon Prime. We basically source all our dry goods from NTUC. Their prices are competitive compared to the online options. Our helper has a bike and a bike trailer to carry bigger items like beer, rice and such.

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