Singapore Same day delivery experience during Circuit Breaker

Since Singpore's COVID-19 Circuit Breaker, I am reliant on delivery services for getting me stuff. I want to borrow an item off a friend, I can't expect him to go to Singpost. Not that Singpost is a sane option without COVID-19. 😂

So enter "Grab Express", which is found confusingly under the "Delivery" button in the App.

Grab delivery

Next issue is that it assumes I want to send something. Now I want the Grab express delivery guy to pick up the item. Now I need to fight the UI.

Next issue, make a mistake and hit back? Time to re-enter all the form details.

Doesn't seem to know my address, despite using Grab from my address 100s of times..

Once you filled in the form without making a mistake and resetting it, now you get to see the price!

Courier price

Don't like the price and back out? Prepare to fill in the forms from scratch once again! 🤦


Next issue is once you've been assigned a driver there is no way to share the driver's whereabouts with parties concerned. Oh boy...

I put in the details of my friend and my helper, since I was going out for exercise. Unfortunately the driver was trying to communicate with me and not the numbers of the parties. There was an issue since I didn't realise the Unit number was missing from my address.


Worst thing is there is no dynamic pricing with GrabExpress rates. No supply / demand fluctuations.

Extra 2SGD for lunch time deliveries between 11.30am to 1.30pm.

Tbh I wasn't in a hurry. Anytime same day delivery would have been fine. Even though it was a pricey 16SGD for a 10km trip, I kinda expected a more of an Amazon Prime experience where the driver might go on a detour. But in this case, it seemed very similar to a Ride share experience. Absolutely direct and fast.

Are there cheaper, slower options? With a better form and realtime live view of the driver?

Or will it take another billionaire dollars of startup funding to deliver?


Ninja Van

I tried creating an account with Ninja Van. Alarming they somehow have a worse form:

Ninja van order

Q10 won't allow me to register with my email address:

invalid email address

And their captcha is damn hard.


After registering with and their site timing out (must be popular?), I am supposed to specify a time:

How about... any time? My friend and I are at home... ALL DAY!

After filling out the details of the form, they appear to charge 10SGD for same day delivery. That's if I figure out how to pay them.


Lalamove seems to have replicated Grab's delivery product. Pricing model is exactly the same, which is not competitive.


Off the bat Gogovan fails the, "I want to collect" test. Gogovan assumes you are the sender.

So of course the courier uncle calls me up asking me whether I'm available now for the pick up. Even though I put copious notes the Recipient info is who he's collecting the item from!

It has a live map which is nice, though the Amazon Prime live map is so much nicer and better executed.


Blu's App or process is very confusing. My first experience of their service was this message via WhatsApp:

The parcel reference cannot be used in the App confusingly:

After raising a support query with Blu, they called me to say that I should ignore that message and wait for a Your parcel is ready for collection message over WhatsApp. Heavens know what the UX is if you don't have WhatsApp!

So you actually do not need to use the App at all to collect. #goblutoday

When collecting you have to sign with the recipient's name. I am not sure if this would work at all if I delegated for someone else to collect on my behalf.

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