Emergency communication between Singapore's Civil service & the public

My opinion is that I'd prefer to have a society where people reported back to the local civil services and the local civil services clearly communicated the status quo back to the public instead of say privacy killing and unaccountable (leading to power abuse) blanket surveillance.

Singapore's "complaining" culture should be celebrated! It demonstrates two way and balanced communication, to me at least.

Emergency communication to the public

DOWNLOAD the sgsecure app

Instead of a simple Web page URL, the native SG secure App is what Singapore residents need to install.

I am not quite sure why mobile features like Cell broadcasts or AMBER alerts are not used in Singapore. I've never seen one.

Sirens are used in Singapore and are referred to as the PWS.

Once a siren goes off, I think the idea is the population tunes into a radio or TV for further information. Unfortunately personally I don't own a TV or Radio.

Though judging from the latest communication, it appears Siren and then check SGSecure. Still dismayed it can't be a well known .sg Web URL instead.

Siren + SGSecure

Emergency communication from the public

I don't think many people are aware of how to trigger help using their iPhone. In an emergency this needs to be second nature!

What surprises me, is that a lot of people are not 100% sure what number to dial.

Is it for the police? Fire brigade? Or an Ambulance? Is it 112? 999? 112 is the GSM standard when in doubt.

Use an App to call 995

How does one share your location? I wonder how the iPhone actually shares the location with authorities and more importantly.... do we have any confidence it works?

Sometimes friends need to be relied upon! Since most people are familiar with ubiquitous WhatsApp location sharing:

We shared a pin of our location with friends, who contacted the local Protezione Civile (the civilian protection agency), and a team set out to find us.

I've noticed in the UK, a push for What 3 words are proprietary, and can you seriously be expected to install an App in an emergency to share your location?!

Is it maybe a non-emergency?

Non-emergency to the public

I also get via Singtel <Message from NEA> SMSes, which I can choose to unsubscribe to.

Social media like @SingaporePolice twitter account is used for advertising missing persons.

For extreme weather and flood warnings, I think one is supposed to subscribe to @PUBsingapore.

Non-emergency from the public

What I find curious that outside Singapore, my European counterparts frown on reporting civil issues, for fear of being called as a "nosy busybody" at best or "snitch" at worse.

1777 for non-emergencies

One service is an app in Singapore to help direct feedback to right government department. I wish it was just a Web form, but instead there is a clunky App experience to look forward to.

For those who don't believe it's possible to share a location with an image from the Web, may I present to you https://github.com/kaihendry/geotag-image, with a demo.

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