Are Nationalists Borg?

My personal identity is something I'll continue to grapple with all my life. Tbh identity politics is a big turn off for me, but there is a culture war raging and I need to pen my thoughts.

Being an immigrant and the son of parents from different countries, it's only lately I've come to notice how countries or rather their nationalism accommodates the "Global citizen".

Some countries accommodate the double barrelled identity: "Malaysian-Chinese". Some don't, like France or often enough nationalists. Most haven't seemed to have figured it out!

Things fell into place for me whilst listening to Carl Benjamin on podcast.

I can understand the merits of assimilation (for want of a better word). "To be French" rather than African French. But I feel it sets a dangerous almost fascist precedent. Nonetheless it delivers us from fracturing identity politic bullshit!

I certainly don't feel 100% "South African". Nor totally "British". Or "Singaporean" as I call home. I guess my title is Singaporean Expat PR, which is most accurate. Though at the same time, gives me no rights or strong identity.

I wouldn't mind being a Singaporean citizen, but that would again be a forced assimilation. I.e. I would have to give up any other citizenship. "European Singaporean", maybe? It's probably not nationalistic enough for most nation builders.

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