Democracy's downfall

South Africa

Since the majority black population won the right to vote, the ex-terrorist, Soviet supported ANC party, "the liberation party" won the majority of the electorate.

The ANC has since led South Africa to ruin, yet the majority still vote for them.


One theory is the ANC effectively bribes their voters with social grants, making almost 20 million South Africans dependent on it. The opposition party won't guarantee this handout, and rightly so.

However if you are dependent on this handout, you will not bite the hand that feeds you.

The ANC's socialist manifesto, the NDR, departs from capitalism & its fundamentals such as strong property rights, as if communism actually worked.


Since the surprise Brexit vote, democracy feels broken in the UK.

There wasn't much of a choice to begin with, between Labour and the Conservative party. Though the Brexit event has seemingly pulled down the curtain on the inept political class.

Could there be another choice that galvanises the electorate? Doubtful when the "third party choice", the Liberal Democrats took a deal with the Conservatives which ravaged their credibility.

Power and politics is so calcified in the UK, that I don't see anything changing. The traditional media which the "powers that be" control are having a really hard time connecting with the population.

I hope devolution continues to dissolve power from Westminster and Whitehall.


Small competitive capitalist states which is advocated by libertarian philosophy seems the path forward for me. They need not be democracies.

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