Will rural living ever be convenient?

tl;dr labour and transport sucks in the Countryside. Could that ever change?

I was raised in a suburb and my parents later retired to a small holding in Cornwall. As an Internet obsessed geek, I've gravitated to cities for better Internet. Though city living offers much more... scale.

So I am left thinking.. will rural living ever be popular again?

What's good about rural living?

What's not good about rural living?

Could there be innovations / developments that make rural living better?

Besides survivalist doomsday scenarios, a general exodus of people out from the city in reality would be awful. Where would hundreds or thousands of people live in the countryside? There are no infrastructure. Resulting camps would be a disgrace.

I am pretty excited about self-driving cars. Getting around rural areas after socialising is a huge problem.

I am not that confident about agricultural innovation. I'm more of a drive costs down, increase yield person than a retarded lets use primitive methods, charge a lot for the product and call our products organic, person. You need capital and scale for modern farming. AFAIK many Cornish/English/European farms have failed to advance and mostly require government handouts to survive.

Everything is gravitating to be more centralised and right now the force feels unabated. I am looking for the best in both worlds, city and rural living, but just getting between them as a nuclear family is a total pain in itself.

The lacking component that I find sorely missing in the countryside which I noticed after living in Singapore, is lack of labour. Singapore's work permit system, allowing employers to hire willing workers for about 500SGD a month is a life changer.

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