Malaysia's KLIA 2 for parents

Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (klia2) is the subject of my rant. It's terrible airport compared to Singapore's Changi Airport. Though the worse thing is that things used to be so much better when we are able to fly direct to Subang airport from Singapore.

The long walk to freedom

No matter if you fly Scoot or AirAsia, expect to dropped off from the furthest side of the terminal. If you have a baby, without a pram that you left as boarded the plane in Singapore.

Now walk a kilometer, thankfully with the up and down walkaltors to the first and probably only toilet.

KLIA2 toilet

Now after relieving yourselves, now prepare to stomach Malaysian immigration. Don't worry! Even if you wait an hour here with your two tired kids, rest assured it won't be as bad as crossing at Tuas or Woodlands, breathing in vehicle Carbon Monoxide whilst being exposed to the elements.

Next "duty free", aka the sick disturbing pictures of throat cancer victims stuck on the side of cigarette cartons. And alcohol offers that oddly appear worse value that going to any shop.

Now prepare to walk to pick up your pram. Oh you must be tired carrying that baby. You haven't sat for an hour have you?

Odd size pickup at KLIA2

Now you have your stroller! Hallelujah! Now, have you ever been so exhausted that you left through customs without picking up your check in luggage? I have! Next, your mission is to find the belt with your luggage waiting for you. Next walk to the opposite side of the terminal to find your bag.

Next! Clear customs. You now have to pick it up, and place it onto a belt to be scanned. Will somehow help you do that? Fat chance! WELCOME TO MALAYSIA!

You're out, you're out! Order a taxi via Grab you're thinking. Door 5 it suggests? Where is door 5 you wonder. Prepare to walk hopefully straight seemingly for another kilometer. Yes, it is door 5. Now with any luck, you've booked a taxi. But the taxi driver is bizarrely asking you how much luggage you have and where you are going. You oblige, and then he cancels on you!

What's going on? Your nuclear family is probably too big to fit in the average Grab taxi. Try order a larger one! Wait .. wait. Thankfully there is a Family Mart to stock up essential supplies. Ignore the touts. Wait, wait. You finally identify your ride in the hub bub and jam of KLIA2 arrivals.

Safe... now the 1.5 hr evening jam to Petaling Jaya.

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