DBS blocked my business card for security reasons

DBS blocked my card

I received a random SMS saying my card is blocked. It's not my personal card. Let me find my business card... oh! It does end in 4938.

Strange. I am not using it, so it must be a card not present transaction. I logged in to DBS Ideal (business banking Website). Couldn't see anything suspicious, like my card being blocked. I guess I have no choice but to call this number +65 63396963 or risk my AWS account not working or something crazy.

I call the number and I am promptly talking to a "customer service representative".

She asks my full name, my IC and begins to explain my card has been blocked due to suspicious payments to Amazon Web Services. WHAT? YOU MUST BE JOKING?!

That's a transaction that happens EVERY MONTH for years. Why WHY WHY would it be flagged now as fraudulent?

Sorry sir, she explains: I will make a note of this incident on your account. To proceed to unblock the card, she then asks for the amount of a recent transaction (I gave her DIGITALOCEAN.COM's) and how many cards I have to unblock the card. I answered to much dismay.

WHAT THE HELL? How does this protect me DBS business banking? The whole SMS/call process is flawed. The Website should be providing much more information about incidents like this.

I asked for a record on my complaint over email, and she said she's not allowed to email. DBS TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for crying wolf!

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