Property technology

The last year I have been responsible for the "Devops" side of things with Unee-T (a bug tracker for property issues) which deserves mention because:

It many ways, it has been a dream job. My colleagues are nice. Work is flexible. I work with the technologies I enjoy. I work in the open about what I do, I've published several aspects of my work on my Youtube channel and Twitter.

We have a F2F meeting about once a week, depending whether people are in town or not.

Working from home is tiresome

So my little office at home is actually my son's room, but I have made it pretty ideal.

Quality Steel Case leap chair, quiet conditions. Quality microphone for screencasts and a home studio for video recordings. 10G wired internet

I get out once a day for lunch, though I wish it was longer.

The problem with Co-working spaces

I used to work from but I feel the space declined in quality. Now there is a plethora of co-working spaces to choose from around town, notably WeWork, but I don't like the working environment.

Mainly because co-working environments are far too noisy and distracting!

Establishing an enclosed desk with all my (video) equipment would be... quite expensive to say the least. I severely doubt I could sound proof it.

Tbh I seek human interaction, but the people at co-working spaces I find are very rarely technical or people I can learn from, in the areas I am keen to learn in.

So what and where would be better?

I fantasize about sailing around the world or doing the Annapurna Circuit, enjoying the world beauty and nature for a portion of the day. Getting a wholesome dose of fresh air. And then working maybe 4 hours solidly on something.

Of course this doesn't really make sense.

What about my family? I cannot expect them to come along with me. And I would seriously miss them in less than a day. My family is in Singapore.

In "Devops" I am effectively "on call" and I face the threat of being interrupted at any time. I need very good and reliable Internet access and a desk/chair to basically do my work and communicate with people. Infrastructure in Singapore is hard to beat.

tl;dr conclusion

What I have going in Singapore, is actually pretty good.

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