Failed to Follow Community Standards on Facebook

  1. Receive a message that my post from two years ago violates community standards

The original post is simply a link, shared from Spotify to a song I am playing; Sexual, a song by NEIKED, Dyo on Spotify

The suggestive artwork can be found on the Wikipedia page about the song.

  1. Complain in my timeline about the comical nature of it with a screen shot, aka meta post
Facebook post that violated community standards

So they must do some analysis on the graphic / artwork for this to be flagged again?!

Since it was Facebook I was unable to find the permalink to my original post.

  1. That meta post was also flagged as violating community standard

  2. I appealed that decision on the meta post, and I lost.

  3. I have sent feedback saying this is ridiculous.

  4. Case closed.

This Facebook experience is stuff of Orwellian nightmares. On a positive note, they actually told me they are censoring / removing my post from view. My expectation for other services, is that non-PC posts "disappear".

You can listen to the song on Youtube:


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