DO Spaces versus AWS S3 in Singapore

DO are preying on the "people who pay for stuff but don't use it" market, whereas AWS is more the "pay for exactly what you use" market — Anonymous
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Currently I have about 115GB upon hosted in a public AWS S3 bucket, prefixed my YYYY-MM-DD. On average ~1GB is downloaded from it everyday. It hosts my screenshots and anything I'd like to share by URL.

I don't allow file listings, so you need to know the full URL to object in order to view it.

There is a lifecycle rule for the entire bucket to become Standard IA, which is priced at $0.02 per GB per month. This works out to be 2.3USD a month.

To complicate matters, I have AWS's Cloudfront CDN in front of my bucket which often costs 5x more that the S3 storage costs. I prefer it since it allows me to distribute from the SSL vanity URL and ensure a fast experience for my worldwide audience.

Enter Digital Ocean's spaces

So currently I'm trailing Digital Ocean's S3 compatible 5USD dollar a month Spaces which includes 250GB and 1TB of outbound transfer. So it's already looking like 2x the 2.3USD I pay for AWS S3. Essentially the cost of storing data seems exactly the same as Standard-IA at $0.02 per GB, however DO price in tiers. So you effectively pay up front unlike AWS's "pay as you go".

Nonetheless I am going to give it a go, since I feel like it will be the second fastest redundant S3 option I'll have in Singapore.

Please click on my Digital ocean referral code if you are keen to give it a try too.

I'll add information about how I will attempt to sync them up. So far I don't have a good idea other than keeping a local copy on my NUC and S3 syncing between them!


I wrote to Digital Ocean support, asking how best to migrate from AWS S3 to DO Spaces and they recommended:

However it doesn't work.

rclone v1.39
- os/arch: linux/amd64
- go version: go1.9.2

$ rclone ls spaces:natalian/
2018/02/05 15:42:31 ERROR : 2018-01-27/: Entry doesn't belong in directory "2018-01-27" (same as directory) - ignoring

I am hitting:

time rclone sync spaces:natalian
2018/02/05 15:39:54 ERROR : favicon.gif: Failed to copy: InvalidArgument:
		status code: 400, request id: tx00000000000000000c8c0-005a780a4a-1a74a-sgp1a, host id:


I've since filed this bug:

Using the acl = private workaround, it would appear I am copying via my local machine and sadly not direct! :(

Outbound transfer

So I noticed whilst running rclone sync -v spaces:natalian, my AWS bill hit an alert. It looks like it will cost me 115 x $0.120= ~14USD to transfer all my data out of my bucket, for the initial backup. I worry for subsequent syncs, this also might be rather expensive!

S3 cost spike due to outbound transfer

And on closer inspection of Digital Ocean pricing, I surprisingly noticed, it's MUCH cheaper to transfer away!

They give you 1TB free transfer and $0.01 per additional GB transferred! I am surprised they don't highlight this startling price difference between AWS S3 and DO Spaces.

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