AIA Singapore messaging

13% premium rise

AIA, my private health insurers wrote to me saying my premium will rise to 43.40SGD. They failed to mention the percentage rise. It was 38.40SGD, so that makes for a 13% rise, which I think is a bit much.

Admittedly private health insurance is cheap in Singapore, but if it keeps having 13% rises every year, it won't be.

I'm not sure how to interpret their argumentation of inpatient claims in private hospitals experienced a 8.1% growth.

AIA Vitality

This is a dubious attempt for you to share your fitness metrics with an insurer. In return they offer "upto 15%" discounts on the premium.

They basically reward you if they can see you've been healthy. They don't mention that it costs 3SGD a month just to enrol to Vitality. I will be avoiding this on ethical grounds and also I don't care for silly loyalty programs.

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