Deciphering Dockers designs

Smartphone pocket

So I'm one of those tame chumps who always has a pair of khaki shorts and pants to hand.

I'm not loyal to Dockers or Levi Strauss for that matter, but the choice for sub-100SGD options that don't suck are slim. I quite enjoyed a Uniqlo pair, but when I last looked in, they don't have this basic in stock (might they in stock in Spring?). Ralph Lauren I find are way too expensive, especially since I generally screw up my pants since I cycle in them and what not. Their fabrics and finishings are a little too fine.

So I've noticed Docker do have a Website in Singapore but it seems mostly broken. Also Lazada host a Dockers store which should be more reliable.


59SGD which at the time of writing is about 45USD


Same price on Lazada, however the colour looks a bit brighter. Couldn't find the exact colour after searching for "shorts dockers classic fit".

What frustrates me is Lazada's identifiers

Does not correspond to the 345120662 or 9602653375662 barcode, or any of the labels inside the shorts. What gives?!

Has anyone managed to decipher Docker's code?

Trousers or pants

I'm not a fan of slim fits. Straight fit seems the most sensible. The roomier "Classic" has pleats which puts 10 years on me.


"THIS PRODUCT IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE." on Docker official Website ... whoa no Dockers at Dockers!

On Lazada they are listed as 39SGD! A 65% saving on the in store price of 109SGD. Unfortunately despite having two listings:

Bugger! I need 36"!

I found the style 476990008 on the US store for 43USD, which is about 60SGD. Whoa, this is almost half the price of what it is in Singapore!

Cotton mix

So they're adding Spandex to trousers now. I'm interested but I think since it clings too my chunky legs and I'm often a sweaty mess in Singapore, I reckon I should give them a miss.

Workday khaki

And they are more expensive. I do like the zipped pocket though. That's super useful when riding.

I found them on Lazada with a search for workday dockers. However the store is not Dockers and they have no stock.

Sigh. Online shopping fail.

After Googling around I did succeed in finding the Style number: 362720001. Now I pray they keep these styles consistent. Unfortunately I don't think it's in their best interests to do that.

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