Three strikes and you are out Barclays

UPDATE: A video where I compare banking between Barclays & Bitcoin

Important KYC reminder Annual salary and bonus information request

At first Barclays claimed it was to detect fraudsters and criminals. I guess being a life long customer is not good enough?

Then Barclays claimed it is a legal requirement set by the FCA.

I contacted the FCA asking about these requirements and they replied:

..we don’t have any rules which specify what information a firm must ask from their customers in relation to ‘knowing your customer’.

Furthermore FCA asked me to ask Barclays:

If Barclays can tell you exactly which rule or which regulations specify that they must ask you how much you earn then please let me know and I will look into this further for you.

And Barclays replied they can only tell me in private DM. I.e. they won't tell us straight.

FCA re-iterated that:

no specific rules which state that a firm must ask you how much you earn and this is usually a commercial decision on the firm themselves

Therefore Barclays initial claim it was for a legal requirement is also poppycock.

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