The problem with bike parking in Singapore

This is typical of bike stands in Singapore:

Typical Singapore bike parking

This front wheel clasp doesn't hold the front wheel and what happens is the bike when awkwardly locked to it, leans onto it to stay somewhat upright.

Sidenote: Locking just the front wheel is insecure, a "lean to" type parking makes it easier to lock the frame securely.

Now over time, I've found this to warp my front wheel. In a much shorter time, if someone accidentally pushes the bike, the pressure on the front wheel will cause it to damage.

Poorly designed bike racks like these are found in both public and private condominium spaces.

It's much safer to lean your bike along a wall, but that seems prohibited.

Bikes leaning on a wall


Bike parking needs to be the better designed lean to sort and better maintained in Singapore. I would seriously pay for safe parking for my bike at this point, given the poor options.

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