Singapore is better than London

I lived in London for about two years. I started in Mile End E3 and ended up in Marylebone in W2. Now I live in Singapore where I'm much much happier.

Three major things I noticed about London in my recent trip (with a baby & stroller):

  1. Uber is not a good way to get around. The average speed of a vehicle in London is terribly low. Now add the toxic mixture of everyone being on their mobiles, road works & unplanned roads to the mix. Any decent cyclist can outrun a vehicle in London. Uber in Singapore is affordable, direct, fast and massively convenient.

  2. Use public transport I hear you cry! The London Underground is dirty & antiquated compared to Singapore's SMRT. I know Crossrail is due to come online any year now, but it seems far behind Singapore's scope and vision.

  3. London has remarkably high pollution. I am not sure where it comes from, but I can certainly feel it. Forget about escaping it in the dusty tube. Singapore's air is much cleaner. Though we were lucky not to have any haze from Indonesia this year.

There are many other reasons why Singapore is better, such as the 🌞 weather & the fact that 4G actually works, even in the underground public transport system.

London is an amazing top tier city and I feel lucky to have lived there, though don't be afraid to leave. I can testify that the quality of life in Singapore is much better. YMMV.

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