Telok Kurau shopping

This is an update of Singapore home cooking. I'm now living in the fabulous Telok Kurau area. Easy access to the city. Quiet. Decent park. Great nearby amenities. Park connector down into East coast park. Quality of life? Not sure it can be beat. Oh, did I mention I have 2Gbps FTTH? =)


Chardonnay is as low as 19SGD from Redmart. Do let me know if there is a cheaper supplier of wine in Singapore. I'm fine with box wine. I prefer South African.

19SGD per bottle is actually cheaper than Changi airport's Duty free incumbent DFS.


Best value for money seems to be the ~50SGD per kilo of wild caught Sockeye salmon from However cooking wild salmon is actually a bit more difficult that farmed salmon, since it needs to be carefully basted, else it will be dry.

The Alaskan salmon is amazingly cheaper than Oh Deli's farmed Scottish salmon.

However Oh Deli do pretty amazing Smoked salmon.


I buy from the same place the RedMart buys from

Order over 100SGD and get delivery free.


Farmer's bread loaf from German bakery is still the family favourite.


Most of our fresh produce still comes from Fair Price (NTUC) and Geylang Serai market. We can't really trust online or rather we have not found a rhythm with online vendors such as

Tbh I am not satisfied with the quality of produce at NTUC. I was speaking to a South African fruit importer and he was telling me NTUC would rather buy Chinese citrus than say South African which I am not pleased about!


The Cheese shop on Joo Chiat is amazing. I spend a lot of money there. They also stock momolato gelato which is unnervingly incredible.


Service is good at Oh Deli, though Foodie Market Place is now conveniently open at 313 Tanjong Katong Road Singapore 437096 and their Black Angus is AWESOME.

I have been meaning to order online, but I found it too difficult to choose. I wish I could set a budget of say 100SGD a week and they almost give a surprise quality bundle of meat to cook. I would like to try new cuts at this point.


The best eggs I've found are the 14.90SGD for a dozen organic eggs from OhDeli. Though recently I heard Redmart are doing similar cage free eggs for 6.70SGD. After trying them, there isn't any discernible taste difference to the normal Malaysian supermarket eggs.


Difference between good and bad coffee for me is night and day. I buy my ground filter coffee from Papa Palheta despite their online service being a fiasco. It's got to the point where I just WhatsApp an employee named John instead of dealing with their broken online plans and the fact their online system seems to forget about my request to grind the beans every second order. Never mind the fact no one seems to answer their email there. Their product is excellent, so I am reluctant to try something else.

Wish list

Amazon Prime Now are here, but I don't like how the ordering process is App only. I need the Web and its links to approve my purchases with my wife!

I honestly don't understand why anyone would shop at since their products and prices are simply uncompetitive for me. I do day dream about a German competitor like Aldi or Lidl entering the market. Yes, I actually like their products and price points despite the haters.

Nonetheless as I mentioned about Hubers. I wish there was "curated online shopping & delivery" with set budgets with seasonal top quality produce and specials.


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