Nan White D-day papers

I have a photograph of my German grandfather and what little I know was that he was an electrical engineer. During World War II he was focused on logistics planning, fuel depots and such things.

We know my British grandfather during the war was a military policeman, largely stationed in Belgium. He lived longer than my German grandfather though he never spoke about the war. When he passed away to my father's surprise we learnt through old papers he must have been involved in the D-day landings and earlier in an Africa campaign.

My father proudly framed his military papers in our old snooker room. But over time the ink faded. We tried to get help preserving the documents with the British museum, though they replied saying they have enough of such artifacts.

Next I paid a local photograph studio, to capture the documents in good lighting conditions with a decent camera. The unsatisfying results are as follows:


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