Telco level customer service

What's worse than Singaporean ISPs? The mobile operators! Again you can expect no status page, no admission of guilt, no guarantee of service but this time you are unable to email or call them without losing your mind. Expect to go to one of their service centers and kill half a day or have a "Direct Message" like this with StarhubCares:

Did you restart your handset to see if this helps? DM me your account & email details over and I'll be in touch to assist. - AL

— StarHub Cares (@StarHubCares) June 20, 2017

ME: I did toggle airplane mode. No help at the time.

STARHUB: Hi, we would appreciate if you could let us know if you are still facing any issue currently

ME: It was working once I left the area by MRT.

STARHUB: Hi, we would advice you to turn off the 4G should the issue still persist. Thank you

ME: Why? I paid for 4G service?

STARHUB: Hi, we will advice you to provide us with the details below for checking

Date of incident:
Time of incident:
Location of incident: (please specify the exact location including postal code and unit number)
Service ID: (affected mobile number)
Phone Model:
Network Logon: 4G or 3G
Description of issue:
Occurrence of issue:
Intermittent / Continuous Signal bar and battery bar:

There seemed to be like a genuine problem with the station around Kembangan but since their complaints procedure is so poor, I guess they will never know. Not that anyone cares at Starhub to begin with.


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