PropertyGuru feedback

Message Agent from the Web page is pretty useless, since there is no context if the agent ever replies!

Doesn't protect your phone number or email so brace for endless spam once an agent has your contact. TIP: Open a burner email and get a burner SIM card for sanity whilst searching for a new place.

Too much advertising creating noise

Pretty meaningless yet prominent "Member rating".

Emails without plain text counterparts or way to unsubscribe.

Inability to show a map clearly. Sometimes it shows Google maps at the bottom. Other times the awful Street directory on the right. Confusing and frustrating.

Almost never a clear floor plan. Poor quality photographs.

Doesn't collate duplicate listings.

Site is not Reactive resulting in painful slow back&forth page loads when interacting with it

Average page load time is well over 2 seconds

Sizes in sqft

Can't shortlist from map search

Can't shortlist a condo, has to be a unit

Can't get alerts for new lets in a condo... well you can from a keyword search ... but PITA!

Once shortlisted and contacted the agent, you don't know if the agent has replied and such

A street view link would be sane.

Never says whether they have an OpenNet / Netlink port or not. This is important as installation cost is >400SGD and can take three months!

No way to mark an item in the shortlist as being invalidated somehow. Adding states like "Viewed", "Like" or some notes would be sane.

Be nice to filter condos by completion date

Would be nice to search by developer

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