Ninja van notifications

Ninja van notifications

I am not too familiar with the Ninja Van company, but they do seem popular in Singapore since Singpost seem totally uncompetitive for local deliveries.

However I wrongly assumed they would be innovative despite hiring engineering talent.

For example in my experience they don't tell you in either email or SMS where your packages and when it will be delivered.

Like many people who work, I need to arrange for someone at home to receive my order. Hence a frustrating experience ensues where I am left in the dark when a package will arrive.

Ideally their logistics systems would allow me to delegate the delivery to my helper. Usually what ends up happening is a delivery man interrupts me at work with a phone call, asking if anyone is at home, leaving me with an awkward co-ordination problem between the delivery driver (who is usually difficult to understand over the phone) and my helper who is usually busy running errands herself. Things get worse for me since I save 5SGD a month by not having Caller ID enabled on my Starhub SIM only plan.

Sigh ...


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