SSL via Amazon Certificate Manager

As testifies, is secured by SSL using the AWS Certificate Manager.

First you need to get a mail server running upon the A/MX field and answer emails to I did this quickly by getting Postfix running on an VPS with mydestination = and then aliasing to forward to my email address that I read. Amazon will send a link you need to activate from your AWS account.

Then I setup a hosted zone on Route53, Amazon Web Service's DNS control panel.

Hosted zone pointing to CloudFront

Once that's done, I then configure with the AWS name servers for my hosted zone. setup

Notice the string ei-mulle-dns-secondarya to the CNAME-tietue field and it will disable the zone transfer checks.

Special thanks to Tero Kivinen for his excellent work at, an incredible lifetime redirection service, typically used by * alumni.


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