Blogging from 39000 feet

Flight information

My curiosity got the better of me and 4hrs into my trip I paid 21.95USD for wifi for the entire journey from SIN to SFO.

This is the first time I've had Internet on a plane and I feel like I am living in the future!

 Host                                            Loss%   Snt   Last   Avg  Best  Wrst StDev
 1.                 0.0%  2181    1.4   3.2   1.0 338.7  14.5
 2.                                    1.1%  2181    2.4   5.3   1.7 428.0  17.0
 3.                                  2.2%  2181  555.2 591.7 534.5 3040.  95.9
 4.                                  2.2%  2181  557.7 594.1 535.4 3035. 103.4
 5. ???
 6.                                      2.7%  2181  639.1 681.6 623.5 1925.  83.3
 7.                                      2.7%  2181  637.1 684.6 625.0 1974.  90.4
 8. ???

It surprisingly works. Though it wasn't easy to purchase the subscription.

The age old buying Internet problem which I've yet to see anyone solve well from a wifi capture/redirect. Chrome didn't work, but Safari did once I navigated manually to

KrisWorld open wifi AP

Next I tried to pay with Paypal, but that didn't work because it wanted to SMS my iPhone in Airplane mode.🤔

Paypal trying to SMS whilst over the Pacific

So next I tried my OCBC Visa card and that request timed out.

Second payment fail

I tried again, and this time I finally made a purchase!!

WIFI purchased on board SQ32!

Sadly I couldn't WhatsApp because wanted to chat to my phone whilst it was in Airplane mode. Sigh!

Good news is that I did manage to Imessage and chat to my wife:

My first voice call from a airplane

I hope will make this a little smoother in the future.


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