Visiting the USA after Iran

Screenshot of the DS-160 Web form

Marking that one has visited Iran in light of the ridiculous Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015 should not ask your for payment whilst filling in the VWP! IT WILL FAIL. Lost time and money.

It's not clear what to do from a "TRAVEL NOT AUTHORIZED" ESTA status. It should have said you now have to fill in a Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application (DS-160).

Doesn't use failed ESTA (VWP) application as basis for the DS-160. So be mentally prepared to fill in the forms AGAIN.

Appointment system doesn't recognise my email address as an email address.

Email not recognised

Makes assumptions about phone numbers.

Fails with photo upload. Solution: Works the next day.

An error occurred whilst processing your photo.

Has some issue with cookies and it fails to retrieve a previous application. So had to start again.

Paying the "non-refundable, non-transferable visa application fee" MRV of 160USD at Singpost is a PITA. Online Form registration doesn't work. You have physically go down to the post office.

Going to the embassy requires print outs.

Really quite silly questions

Gigantic delay in email sending confirmation (8 hours?)

Appointment form duplicates the DS-160 form. You're not going mad. Fill in the same information again!

Strange repeated appointment confirmations...

At the embassy

  1. Queue for security
  2. Queue to use booth 2 to drop off passport
  3. Queue to get your biometrics taken
  4. Queue for the interview
  5. Overhearing people being interviewed, like answering how much money they earn

All very exhausting and degrading.


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