Ceiling fan repair

Got charged 25SGD for a capacitor to fix a noisy overhead fan 😤 pic.twitter.com/EyyrzWG9og

— Kai Hendry (@kaihendry) July 15, 2016

120SGD to service a noisy ceiling fan with 2 condensers that look like capacitors to me 😱(they wanted to charge 245SGD) pic.twitter.com/kYbXcxUntD

— Kai Hendry (@kaihendry) September 27, 2016

So I've had issues with all the ceiling fans in my rented maisonette. Repairing the noisy fan in my bedroom cost me 25SGD and the noisy fan in my living room cost me unbelievably 120SGD. So I am now determined to fix my defunct dining room fan.

3.50SGD later and it's fixed!


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