Opensource Web video editor wanted

I hate editing Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2015) on Windows 10!

An opensource Web video editor

  1. No Android or iPhone app
  2. Completely opensource
  3. Upload footage to S3
  4. Mark in and out points from a HTML video element
  5. Creates a JSON file of all your edits... your in and out points
  6. Your footage & JSON file are then submitted to my opensource video compiler based on FFMPEG and a fast H264 accelerated machine
  7. Out comes your final cut which your view again from your browser
  8. If you like, one click to upload to Youtube!

If you like this, you might like the stateless Web kiosk software I develop. Webconverger typically replaces Windows on PCs and is deployed in public and business environments for ease of deployment and privacy. Once installed it auto-updates making it painless to maintain. Try it where you exclusively use the only viable open platform... the Web!