Singapore Airlines booking rigmarole

Crude whiteboard graphic explaining the issue

I moved from the UK to Singapore about 4 years ago and every year I like to take my family back to Europe.

My initial flight is a return from the UK, however my wife's ticket is a return from Singapore, therefore every year I have an ordeal.

  1. Get my wife to book her return flight from SIN to LHR & record her booking reference
  2. Synchronise my return to her outbound flight & pay fees
  3. Make sure our seats are next to each other
  4. Book my outbound (return) flight from LHR and make sure my flight is same as wife's return
  5. Make sure our seats are next to each other

This doesn't sound that complicated, but the major issue is that you can't do half these tasks upon their slow SIA Website. Changes & enquiries have to be done by calling their call center and enduring poor voice quality, a strong Indian accent and generally an average 30 minute call.

For example today I made the mistake of booking the wrong return flight since I got the dates mixed up since the departure & arrival date are a day apart. Booking itself can feel like an accomplishment since current & "beta" Website can fail for no good reason.

This is an easy mistake to make since Singapore Airlines Website gives no way to get the itinerary out to a sane interoperable iCalendar format. Plain text to copy & paste would be glorious, but currently it's just an non-standard HTML file.

This booking ordeal saps a good weekend's productive hours. It's such a shame SQ can't sort out their Website since it's a really good Airline otherwise.


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