Morley Allen, man of the moor

Morley Allen is missed

My family & I have been grieving for the loss of Morley Allen of Fore Downs, Cardinham who died on Sunday evening 10th of April 2016.

A Cornish man, a bee keeper, a good shot, amateur mining historian, a gentle soul and a very dear friend of the Hendry family of Praze Farm.

He came around for tea & a natter almost every day for more than ten years. He was good company & we enjoyed his humour and wit. He was physically very capable and strong for his age right until he was diagnosed with cancer.

I am writing this from Singapore where I've heard of this tragedy unfold in a couple of short weeks after Morley complained of stomach issues. Initially diagnosed as a non-cancerous stomach polyp, I assumed that they could feed him intravenously but his body wouldn't take the nutrients and his legs swelled. He deteriorated shockingly quickly according to my family. He was effectively starving to death.

My wife lost her father to cancer. I feel like I've lost a member of my family to cancer. I'm angry, I'm shocked. I don't think I can come to terms with this loss until I'm back in Cornwall in the summer.


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