Vaccination cost between Malaysia and Singapore

hexaxim vaccination

So since I have a baby boy, I've taken the responsibility for making sure he's immunised.

For the last "hexaxim branded" vaccine Columbia Asia PJ (a private hospital) charges 149.62MYR for the vaccine & 72MYR consultation fees. That's 221MYR or 73.15SGD at today's currency exchange rates.

Sidenote: I'm told that these vaccinations are free of cost in Malaysian government clinics.

So since the next vaccination is due at the end of December where we will be returning to Singapore, I've asked the "government hospital" in Singapore KK Women's and Children's Hospital for their service. They charge 221SGD which include $141.24 (Consultation Fees)+Vaccine injection $49.31 (include GST)+$30 (procedure).

Can cheaper be found in Singapore or is this the stark reality of raising a child in Singapore?

UPDATE: A reader pointed out that the child vaccination should be ~40% cheaper at a Polyclinic. However after investigating, the major issue with this option is:

In KKH they told me over the phone they fax all required particulars to the NI Registry on your appointment date, so no need to register in advance. So as my reader states: "As with all things Singapore, premiums are charged for dubiously better/faster service."


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