MacOS sucks compared to Linux

A friend dared to ask me why I thought MacOSX sucked.

No sane way to mount EXT filesystem

Deal breaker.

No sane package management system

Brew is a kludge. Compared to Archlinux's pacman and AUR, MacOSX is a failzone.

MacOSX is obscenely large

An Archlinux system with all the tools I use is typically less than 1GB.

MacOSX's window management sucks

What a horrible inefficient window manager. I've seen Mac users do all sorts of crazy things to try optimise it. You could just switch to using dwm which is much faster and easy to script or modify.

Does MacOSX do anything better?

Ignoring a Mac's typical superior hardware design over PCs (except for the missing LAN port). Ignoring Apps like FCPX than only run on Mac. Ignoring native development. There is nothing Mac does better as a developer workstation.

In fact with SystemD and Docker, there is some things now that work much better on Linux. And if you are not using tools like these in your development of services, you are sucking as a developer.


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