UPDATE: I bought nearly 600SGD worth of XI100DUSB-HDMI & the ATR2100-USB and here is my first video using obs-studio!

I have been researching for months now, how to get a live HDMI feed in from a camera, like my GoPro Hero 4, into my computer. Capture comparison video


The solutions or lack thereof

Adobe Premiere Pro and FCPX

Initially I looked to how popular video editors expected me to import video frames. In a very non-standard awkward manner. Often requiring special equipment and their own proprietary drivers. I have no idea why they don't support standards.

Capture products

I've tried:

They only work with own special drivers on MacOSX or Windows. In fact, to my surprise the Live Gamer Portable was simple unable to stream via https://obsproject.com/ to http://www.twitch.tv/ on MacOSX, but it can on Windows. Special driver nightmare.

The video input standards (I think)

When I plug in a video source I expect to come up on my Archlinux system as simple as vlc v4l2:///dev/video0. A lot of Web cams implement this under the moniker of UVC.

So after a search for UVC and HDMI miracously I found just two options:

The INOGENI 4K2USB3 4K HDMI to USB 3.0 Converter looks perfect. It's just that it is quite expensive.

The FEBON198 guy from Taiwan seems to think it won't work in Linux, do interlaced input and of course offers no refund. However since I'm in Singapore, I doubt I realistically get a refund from B&H.


After months of research... seriously, there seems just to be one standard driver-less solution, the Inogeni, which should work seamlessly with FFMPEG and other opensource tools on my Archlinux on a Lenovo X1C3. It's great that there is such a product, but I'm almost mystified why there is just one product that does this, and cameras like Canon do not implement UVC.

Is there something glaringly wrong with UVC that I don't know about?

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