FTTC is worse than ADSL when 2km far away from exchange

I've complained about Superfast Cornwall rural broadband rollout technology being a poor choice for rural locations before.

Now I have a nice graph to illustrate the point:

fttc speed graph

The image is from http://nbnmyths.wordpress.com/ which is site devoted to outing the scandal of the "next generation" Australian broadband roll out.

So unless you live ontop of a cabinet, FTTC (VDSL), the product that Superfast Cornwall tout can well be an expensive waste of time. The cheaper older ADSL can be better than FTTC in distances greater than 2km!!

To add to the confusion of my FTTC "superfast" install, we are told our line length is 3400m, even though I can drive to the cabinet in a mile. Combine that with line instability (we lose carrier upto several times a day), we have a very poor experience with this "upgrade".

Rural Cornwall connectivity looks bleak. BT Openreach probably won't lay fibre or allow folks like me to pull fibre through their conduits. My ISP says the best I can do is buy another line and consider bonding them, doubling again my ISP costs to ~100GBP per month.

3G might come along. I could perhaps consider long range wifi with a neighbour who lives closer to the exchange. But those options will have high latency.

What a disaster. :(


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