Private medical insurance in Singapore

I've enjoyed free of cost medical care most of my life. Since I'm pretty active, I now worry about paying for medical services out of pocket. In Singapore seeing a doctor ranges from 50-150SGD (150SGD is a super duper specialist). Advanced imaging for diagnosis start at 1000SGD and of course hospital treatment is very expensive. So I'm keen to cover myself for emergencies.

Since I have a dependent pass in Singapore, I'm looking into the options. Normally expatriates enjoy free medical care via their workplace, though since I'm an Entrepreneur. Different story of pain. seem to be the experts and conveniently located in 20 Upper Circular Road where MOM is, the Singapore government department that issue passes.

Travel insurance plans aside, the two options they proposed were:

I prefer MSIG so far, since it's cheaper, though the basic outpatient service all have a 100SGD excess (deductible claim) for a course of treatment. Tbh seeing an expensive doctor in Singapore privately costs no more than 100SGD.

A big annoying down side for both options is that they require Claims filing by Post. A paper nightmare procedure if you want to claim back any money.

I have been quickly look for more options. A Wikipedia list of Singaporean insurers unfortunately lumps most consumer insurance under "General Insurers". After looking through several only a fraction offer personal medical insurance.

I learnt about the International Medical Centre via some AXA travel related literature. Their cashless system like IIRC the South African system MediCare card sounded VERY ATTRACTIVE because it is super convenient. On their page they indicate other insurers as:

I will try make enquiries with them and their awful websites, if they offer online claims.

I'm a bit confused by the utility of IMC since Singaporean hospitals and polyclinics are upto a Western standard. IMC seem to target just expats which sounds worryingly inefficient.


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