Thinkpad X240

So I must have been using the Thinkpad X series for about 10 years.

X40, X60, X201, X220 & I don't know what next. Help.

Of course I blame the IBM handover to Lenovo in 2005 as a mark of decline.

I guess they are more "affordable" now then ever, though the deal breaker for me on the new X240 is:

The new non-hardware mouse keys feel terrible. I've always disabled the Trackpad, preferring instead the nipple, and now the buttons are part of the Trackpad. They feel awkward and furthermore it causes frustrating mis-clicks.

The once famed keyboard has changed to a cheap chiclet style keyboard.

Astonishingly Lenovo changed the power connector AGAIN:

Old spare Thinkpad chargers can be thrown away... I wish it was magnetic and hence an improvement.

What next for running Archlinux?

Options are pretty thin:

I heard good things about the Samsung Series 9, but then Samsung annoyingly changed the name to ATIV Book 9 Plus and added a touch screen. Really unsure. No track point.

Macbook Air, then I'll have to juggle keeping a version of MacOSX running to do firmware updates. Way too painful and I don't want to be another Apple user.

Update: provides a valuable place to vent my frustrations on Lenovo. I need a new Archlinux laptop!

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