Superfast Cornwall

Pre-2013, at we had a "20CN" ADSL connection.

The very best broadband speed we could achieve was 6.26Mb/s down and 0.36Mb/s up. It's useless for uploads.

If you ignore the BT line rental tax of ~150GBP a year, we were paying about 20GBP a month for Internet via our esteemed ISP A&A.

After Superfast Cornwall

ERDF Broadband infrastructure in Cornwall

After a long nervous wait, we finally got FTTC about a mile away from our property. Much closer than the previous Cardinham exchange.

The cost of the upgrade was 100GBP with a 12 month minimum contract and we received two new modems. My heart sank when we got the first new readings of our Superfast line. About 10Mb/sec down and 0.5Mb/s up. Useless for uploads. I thought this must be a horrible error, since these new FTTC readings are a fraction of the predicted "upto" 24.1 Mb/s down and 5.6Mb/s up speeds.

Our internet speed just about doubled, however so did our costs. Ignoring the BT line rental tax of ~150GBP:

Putting our Internet cost at 35GBP a month. This is about twice the cost of ADSL when you factor in the 100GBP installation cost.

Looking around, the monopoly BT offers BT infinity for 15GBP a month, but:

To add to my woes our new FTTC connection seems unstable at times. We've called out BT several times via AAISP who just run a line check and leave. They make no effort to deal with the instability or slow speeds. One engineer speculated that the copper wires running from the cabinet are probably in bad shape, however BT will not work on them.


I've spoken to directly with and they say "Having looked at your location this is the sort of speed that I would expect over that distance of copper." I can't help but think this technology is inappropriate for rural settings since you can't expect people to live close to a cabinet! If you are lucky enough to live very close to a cabinet, you are probably laughing, otherwise this technology is not fit for purpose.

I intend on complaining and participating in broadband studies until something is earnestly done about broadband in Britain. There are still many villages without mobile service, let alone broadband. Considering the costs to consumers, together with 100s of millions of European funding support to aid the BT monopoly, it's a scandal and I'm not the only one to think so.


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