How I organise my pictures

UPDATE: How I organise my media

My workflow

  1. Take photos with iPhone



When I backup from Flickr, the images and their metadata is separate. :/ I need to write a script to keep the metadata in the image. I want to back up from Flickr as the years of Metadata I've uploaded is worth a LOT to me.

Don't have a good way of handling videos yet. I do mean to convert them to HTML5 video for upon, but I keep running into rotation problems

I don't think Flickr should handle videos.

I generally try to upload videos to Youtube as its fairly easy from the Iphone and it gets maximum exposure. Again I don't have a way of downloading the metadata I add to the videos there.

I have a LOT of duplicates on Flickr and elsewhere which puts me off uploading really old stuff which I think isn't on Flickr. I can't really tell, especially since Flickr has no de-duplication feature.

Of course I don't own the Flickr and Youtube URIs, and I can't make them redirect.

My parents photo flow

They are in Apple land with a Macbook and with the introduction of a Macbook Air, it's truly fucked up.

A lot of the "Apple photo management" problems are raised upon To add:

If you do the right thing by trying to take it out of iPhoto, it makes viewing your collection of Photos on Apple TV / iPad almost impossible. :(

Right now my parents are not taking pictures because I'm trying to sanitise their existing huge iPhoto collection, which is taking me forever. :/

Moving forward

I'm re-purposing my linux rig to an Archlinux powered NAS to store backup of all the photos on a mirrored 1TB soft raid setup.

I'm keeping all of the photos in a git repository, sorted by year.

I'm endeavouring to keep metadata in the image. E.g.

exiv2 -M"add Iptc.Application2.Keywords String $tag" $image

I plan to backup in the mornings over months the photos to one of my VPSes, probably Hetzner. Then I sync to Dreamhost slowly. Need to come up with something a bit more robust here.

My upload speed is quite low
(200 GB) / (0.7 * (Mbit / sec)) = 27.0899471 days

The canonical copy of the photos will be the NAS, in git.

I mount the NAS share in NFSv4 and do my scripting and editing. Then I commit the changes. It's a lot of effort on my part since I'm the only one who can use my sxiv image viewer and metadata scripts. I've sunk countless hours into it and I don't think any member of my family appreciates the herculean effort that's required. :(

Exporting Photos out of iPhoto to the NAS is so painful. I can't have NFS and AFP services running simultaneously for example. Apple does not support Samba/NFS IIUC. So I have ton of work running around trying to ensure iPhoto is putting photos in the "family memories NAS".


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