2012 was an amazing year for me and hopefully Ruth feels the same. ;)

I moved to Malaysia at the end of 2011, still on a UK contract. I worked at Fluent Space in Kelana Jaya which introduced me to the co-working scene and some awesome people and ideas.

I switched to being full time on Webconverger, and got into this Web signage game.

In February 2012, I moved with Ruth to Singapore to largely "check Singapore out". We liked what we saw.

In March 2012 I visited Hong Kong with Ruth which was great to check off. Later that month a really good friend visited Singapore which was fantastic.

April I was slugging it out with my business with Patrick. Very intensive and prolific work wise with a peer. We forged what Webconverger is today, the configuration management, the innovative git based upgrades, which I'm pretty proud of achieving with the help of the community.

At the end of May I moved back to Europe and then onto Berlin for a pre-planned summer in Europe. It was an ambitious dream for Ruth and I, and it amazingly worked out. We ended up living in an amazing affordable place and life was awesome. Except Ruth's visa expires in 90 days since she's Malaysian, so we had no choice but to leave. :(

Since I'm in love with Ruth and I was tired of the hassles dealing with visas, I thought it was high time I proposed to Ruth with a especially made ring.

Proposed and accepted #Cornwall #latergram

We moved back to Malaysia and married legally on 2012-11-21. Then we moved back down to Singapore since Ruth landed an interior design job there.

This December was spent settling in and then things wound down for the Christmas holidays, spent with the in-laws in Kuala Lumpur eating good food.

Overall I'm pretty torn between Europe and Asia. Though spending winter in this region, enjoying the good food and challenges has been good.

2013 outlook

I'm a bit nervous about this year. I've resolved to get up earlier. Get fitter, run (at least 4km) & swim (10 laps) twice a week.

Then there is stressful task of growing Webconverger. Also need to help get Ruth's UK residence visa which is a ton of paper work. In all honesty I must formulate a plan to get the right to stay in Singapore, which is quite tricky if you (and your business) don't fit the mold.

In April I'm back in the UK for my bff Jamie's wedding. Since I can't afford to fly back and forth between Singapore, I plan to live, plan & work with my parents for two months leading up to my own Wedding ceremony in Cornwall, without Ruth. I'm not looking forward to this. The Wedding, yes. Living without Ruth, no.

After June, we'll move back Singapore, since Ruth is committed to working at least a year in Singapore. Winning Ruth has definitely been the highlight of 2012 and that pervades into 2013. Though after June I hope to keep it exciting and plot a new adventure. A honeymoon in Japan would be nice!


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