BBC podcasts are not linked

I love the BBC output but I'm annoyed how difficult it is to share their content, previously:

I love the BBC Witness series which has the same problems as FOOC when it comes to their URLs.

When listening to the Witness podcast using Apple's Podcasts App, if I share and choose to email, the body of the email sent looks like:

Check out this great Podcast:

The popular "Pocket Cast Lite", when sharing the Podcast via email, the email body looks like:

Podcast: Witness
Episode: Witness: The Bhopal disaster

Find out more about the podcast at:

Slightly better, but their linked URL does not point to the relevant BBC page about the Podcast I'm listening to. Only other Iphone users answering their email stand a chance to listen to the podcast, which is ridiculous.

Come on BBC. Please fix this!


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