CPEurope bug list

I like the idea of The Campus Party as it seems be a EU supported LAN party. For me, the big draw was the good Internet to upload a years worth of video/picture archives.

However the 2012 event in Berlin had some "bugs". Firstly the event venue at the defunct Berlin Tempelhof Airport was great, however....

Sound acoustics were terrible

Sound quality is awful and nauseating inside. Very tiring.

Maybe http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sound_masking could help.

Difficult to know the schedule

The Campus Party 2012 Website was sadly unusable from a mobile, even if you had data.

You basically needed the PDF of the schedule to hand. Each stage should have had a schedule clearly on display! At the Campus Party generally you had no idea what was on or what was coming up. I generally resigned to watching the videos instead of attending any presentations by the second day.

Hard to find people

Label the tables, so I can say, meet me at B6!

Expensive food and drink

Crazy token system to make it worse. And the food was generally pretty poor quality, with a friend getting sick on the doner. :(

No drinking water

Found tap water!

Now you need to buy it at 2.50EUR a small bottle.

Or you can go to the toilets in the front of the building, a good 10 minutes round trip.

No wireless Internet


Registration clerk said the venue is too big for wireless. Er really?

Next guy at the computer registration desk said there is two ESSID points but only with 1000IPs. 1000 IPs on a ipv6 network .... right...

Wireless basically did not work from my iPhone. :/

No alcohol

I can understand this... but it does suck especially in the free city of Berlin.

Outside space closed off

Pity they don't use the outdoor space, like encouraging healthy outdoor activities like roller skating.

Videos are not that easy to access

You need to login to use them which made them difficult to share. Most videos seem recorded but with a whole bunch of sounds issues like:

A lot of the videos seem poorly labelled too. :(

It is really crazy that the Campus Party player videos from the Campus Party in EUROPE are labelled with American flags supposingly because they are in English.



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