BBC URLs are not cool

Carrying from my earlier moan about the FOOC_URLs, here are more example of crazy URLs produced by the BBC:

Firstly does "b006qshd" make any sense to you? No? Well it should! BBC engineers, did you not consider something sensible like

Secondly if the URL does change, it should seamlessly redirect. Currently you need to click the new obfuscated URL to get the latest content for this particular programme.

Another example, "Money Box"'s old URL is and the new URL is

If you are wondering what the 2 means in the old URL, AFAICT it means outside the UK. In the UK you will have a 1 instead of the 2. Sad to see the old URLs built that "Geo" conciousness in their site, so there old URLs aren't great either.

Another thing the BBC Web production do badly is dates. This is especially annoying when old stories bubble up on Most Popular Video/Audio panel on the BBC News site.


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