Stuff I didn't like about Betahaus

My temp desk @betahaus silent room

No free coffee

Postage system is useful, but I wanted just ONE thing sent to me, a SIM card. And I didn't want to pay 25EUR for one month for the facility, just to put my name down to receive one thing.

If you buy coffee, you need to take it up 3 flights of stairs. No delivery. This totally sucks.

There is a 2EUR morning coffee service, but sheesh!

No drinking water

Every office space needs an easy way to get cold drinking water imo.

Internet problems

The internet often doesn't work in the cafe and it's not good enough on the 3rd floor.

PITA to climb the steps everyday

This goes for co-up too. Anyway, it's a PITA.

Silent room has terrible accoustics

Move a chair or table and it reverbs across the room

No wired access

I need wired access ideally for Internet, since I'm on ssh all day. Wireless latency bites.

Bad balance

In one room there were visual / marketing types. At least that's the way I've categorized them in my brain. I can't afford to overhear conversations on such topics I do not care remotely about. So I did prefer the "peace & quiet" of the silent room. But then that fealt anti-social since I couldn't meet or talk with any other fellow developers

I much prefer co-up as a co-working space in Berlin as it's rammed with software developers.


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