HDMI hate

HDMI cable connectors

HDMI or "hit-me" as I like to call it, is one step forward and two steps backwards because:

You cannot hotplug HDMI

Initialisation of connected HDMI only happens on (cold) boot. So if you switch or connect HDMI devices it probably won't correctly negotiate the mode.

That sucks.

UPDATE: This just might be the case for MY hardware, not others for which it might "just work"

Displays cannot detect HDMI sources

Maybe it's our Samsung UE46C6530 TV, though if you search the interwebs many other devices seem to suffer with this auto switching "problem".

You end up having to manually choose the input device. Awkward.


It's a bit annoying that on my X220 Thinkpad DisplayPort to HDMI, that it doesn't supply the audio channel along with the signal. Probably should blame Lenovo, but why doesn't it work? Incompatibilities?


> DisplayPort 1.2 is the future interface for PC monitors, along with HDMI 1.4a for TV connectivity.
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